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Landscaping projects are a great way to add value to any home. A small amount of time spent landscaping a backyard, frontyard or courtyard can make your home a better place to live as well as increase value.

Qualified landscape designers are the best solution for designing and building gardens for major projects. However with a little inspiration a gardener with a love of plants and design can certainly go a long way towards transforming a garden from the ordinary to 'something special'.

The key to successful gardens is design, the placement of paths, water features, outdoor living areas trees and shrubs all combine to create a livable and easy maintenance garden.

DIY is an alternative to employing a landscape designer, however attention to detail is essential. We provide a range of solutions to different landscaping projects as well as links to some of the best landscape and garden design practitioners in Australia.

Online garden design, yes you can find programs that will allow you to 'do it yourself'. Just make sure they take into account all of the factors, including climate, soil, aspect and council regulations.

Landscape Design - an introduction

  • The latest Garden Design and Landscape Design Ideas for the Australian Garden. Courtyard design, garden, pool, alfresco and outdoor living and backyard design.
  • Connections to Landscape design professionals, landscape contractors as well as exploring a range of materials for retaining walls, paving, outdoor lighting as well as the latest in green life.
  • Use our partner site to explore the widest selection of plants trees and shrubs. Find water feature specialists.
  • A gallery of landscaping, garden and and backyard landscape photographs to inspire.

Landscape Design Idea form Melbourne Garden Show.

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