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Australian Native Garden Design has evolved and adapted since first settlement. Garden design in Australia was originally dictated by necessity, with orchards and vegetable gardens being an essential part of almost every garden in the new colony. It was not for many years that gardeners commenced the serious work of using Australian Native Plants as an integral part of garden design.

Edna Walling was one of the first garden designers to try to incorporate the 'cottage garden' into the Australian Bushland at Bickleigh Vale in Victoria. The essence of any garden lies with the intent of the designer and we look at some of the many ways that a native garden can become part of the urban landscape.

Like all plants Australian Native Plants are originally from a wild environment not really designed for urban living, however many of our indigenous plants lend themselves to a range of design styles from the informal bushland setting, to display gardens designed to show the wonders of the flora of the local area or of plants from across the country, to formal gardens, using plants in ways that we do not see them in nature.

So like all landscape design we need to determine what we are trying to achieve in our design

Pictured above is a waterfall and small pool running off into a small creek bed, symbolic of some parts of the native landscape with the rocks and the tree ferns, a lush green environment for wildlife and yes it is created as a landscape design. We then look at the recent Chelsea Garden show where the represenation incorporated the colors of the outback, this is a varied country, the vegetation is unique, you need to decide what you wish to create, a traditional 'English' garden using native plants, or a unique representation of the natural environmnet.

Are we dealing with representations of the landscape or simply with the use of the many attractive native plants.

If we are talking Australian Native Plants then the Sturt Desert Pea,pictured above left, is an iconic plant, as is the flowering eucalypt (corymibia ficifolia) pictured right, however plants such as acacia cognata are now widely used in landscaping and with a few ptilotus showing their heads makes a great border plant.

We think that the low growing cultivars of acacia cognata make an excellent alternative for buxus, and while we are on hedges, what about Lily Pily varieties as screening plants.

So the native garden can be a represenation of the natural Australian environment, or it may simply be a replacement of introduced plants with indigenous plants.

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