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Fire Pits - Wood Burning and Propane Fire Pits

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Wood and Gas Fire Pits

propane gas (LPG) are an ideal way to have a controlled 'real fire' outdoors, in the garden or even on a terrace.

Subject to the normal regulations relating to safety and outdoor fires, wood burning, cast iron fire pits are available in a range of sizes, some raised on plinths to provide even more flexibility. They are increasingly popular not only for heating but also as an aesthetic addition to outdoor living areas in Australia..

Propane or LPG fire pits are another option worth considering, perhaps easier to control and use than a wood fired pit, but without the feel of a natural fire.

Fire pits may be built in and permanent or if you require a little more flexibility a portable version may be the answered.

Is there any difference between a fire pit and a Chimenea? Well yes, fire pits provide an 'all round' experience, much like a camp fire except in controlled and contained surroundings. Whereas a Chimenea is more enclosed, a little like a wood heater in a cast iron or ceramic housing with an open front and a flue.

What about Braziers? Different again, Braziers are an open container, again used for heating as well as cooking, however they usually have holes in the side, better suited to outdoors.

Wood Burning Fire Pits from Kellock Trading

Custom made, off the shelf cast iron, wood burning or even DIY. Fire Pits for Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Darwin .

Fire Pit
Fire Pit - Cast Iron Wood Burning


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