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Water Features

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An important feature of gardens and landscaping for centuries, water as a feature in any courtyard or large landscaping project provides a sense of peace and tranquility. So what are the options and what is the best water feature for your project.

A little history tells us that ponds and fountains are the basis of many of the 'newly' named water features. And we could also look at reflective bowls. Lets look at the variety of water features available and what the retailers like to call them

Really just about anything where water is circulated around a design and allowed to flow over some form of sculpture. However the 'traditional' fountains many with statues are only the beginning.

Today we also have wall mounted fountains and water walls. Both excellent alternatives for smaller gardens and courtyards where water is wanted but space is limited. Now neither of these are particularly new, just reinvention's with new materials.

Small or large, in the ground or raised, these are a larger body of water, usually associated with water plants.

The simple addition of a bowl or container of water has been a practice in the garden for many years, the Japanese and Chinese would place these outside their temples, they did have a practical purpose, that of washing the hands, but symbolic as well, that of purification

Interestingly the common birdbath serves two purposes, that of water for our feathered friends as well as an ornamental feature in the garden.

This is the latest fashion, and one of the oldest types of water features. Adapted from nature, long narrow channels that allow water to flow from one point to another. In garden designs it is simply pumped back up and recycled.

Off the shelf and DIY water features are all available for sale from hardware stores and water feature specialists.

Large water walls and traditional water features are all available in a range of sixes from small to large to suit any landscaping application.

Lightweight water features made of GRC (fibre glass reinforced concrete) as well as stone and metal water features are all available for courtyard, garden and general landscaping situations.

Custom made or individually designed water features can be commissioned through landscape designers or our participating specialist suppliers and manufactures.

With modern materials water features can be installed in small courtyard and on balconies or terraces.

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