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Outdoor Mirrors

One simple way to create a great look for your outdoor areas is by using your walls to create real focal points.
Rivas Design now brings you a selection of beautiful accessories to make plain outdoor walls look more stylish. Imagine designs that can transform the look of your outdoors just by hanging them as focal points on your courtyard walls.
This new range by Rivas Designs includes statement style outdoor mirrors, gorgeous big wrought iron frames in a variety of designs, with mirrors in them that bring light, reflections of your garden and elegance to your walls.

All pieces are offered direct from the designer so you get affordable prices, personalized service and helpful advice, they can be delivered to your door Australia wide.

Garden accessories that get your outdoors looking perfect.
Discover how these gorgeous outdoor mirrors and European styled trellises bring light and style to your walls. Beautifully made with attention to detail in solid wrought iron. Guaranteed to transform your gardens and courtyards..

Garden Accessories to make your outside look gorgeous.
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Rivas Design

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