Vertical gardens and Garden Walls or 'living walls'. In courtyard areas and to cover unsightly fences or just to add that greenery that is so good for us vertical gardens, garden walls or 'living walls' provide a landscaping solution to an architetural problem. Plants for vertical gardens include, succulents, ferns and herbs. Herb walls can make a great sensorary experience with fantastic aromas. Succulent vertical gardens need little maintenance and fern wall create a lush green feeling. Vertical Garden Ideas for - Sydney (New South Wales - NSW), Brisbane (Queensland - QLD), Melbourne Victoria VIC), Adelaide (South Australia - SA), Perth (Western Australia - WA), Hobart (Tasmania - TAS), Darwin (Northern Territory - NT) and Canberra (ACT) .
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Vertical gardens - Garden walls - Living Walls



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Vertical Gardens and Garden Walls

One of the hottest trends in gardening are vertical gardens, or garden walls. Garden walls an be traced back to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon where rooftop gardens were left to hang down over walls. However modern day vertical gardens seem to have been reinvented by French botanist Patrick Blanc who based his designs on observations from nature. By studying plants that cling to trees and rocks Blanc soon developed an understanding of how to create a living breathing garden wall.

Garden walls or 'vertical gardens' are especially suited to courtyards, office buildings plazas and squares. They can be a substitute for a fence, a method of covering concrete wall or a garden feature.

Garden walls work in different ways depending on situation and manufactures. basically they are a hydroponics system developed for a vertical installation. Vertical Gardens are well worth considering as a landscape element, as a space saver or as a small feature with perhaps two or three plants. Herb walls are fantastic, ferns bromeliads and orchids can also work well.
Vertical Garden in Courtyard
Vertical Garden in Outdoor Courtyard
Vertical Garden Herbs
Vertical Garden using mixed Herbs
Vertical Garden
Vertical Garden using chillies
Vertical Garden Wall
Vertical Garden using grasses

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