Courtyard design and construction for Sydney and NSW . Courtyard Garden design ideas can be developed using landscape designers or landscape design software. Free garden design ideas and landscape design ideas can be obtained from galleries of landscape design photographs as well as landscape design exhibitions. In New South Wales landscape designers are listed below. Go to our Gallery Pages for ideas on how to design a garden and landscape design ideas and photographs.
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New South Wales

From the Terraces of Glebe, to the Western Suburbs as well as through all of the wonderful coastal suburbs of Sydney it is the courtyard that takes pride of place in many landscape designs.

Its not that every property has a natural courtyard, its just that the feeling of an enclosed private area is a feature that is desirable, courtyards provide this.

So what makes a Sydney courtyard design different to other states ? More than often it is the variety of plants that can be grown, from temperate and cool climate plants, to sub tropical's, Sydney has the most versatile climate in Australia.

In Sydney you could be at home with a Japanese Style design, a Balinese courtyard, a Victorian or Federation style of a modern contemporary style.

It is a matter of what fits in with the overall architecture of the building in combination with your own ideas. Of course functionality plays a part, what are trying to create, a great dining and living area or a visual treat that can be enjoyed from both inside and out.

Choose your style, choose your functionality and then talk to your landscape design professional.

SCOTT BROWN Landscape Design

This multi award-winning team undertakes all aspects of landscape/garden design, incorporating all elements of the outdoor environment such as Al Fresco dining, swimming pools and waterfeatures.

Suite 3, 112 A Martin street. Brighton VIC 3172
phone: (03) 9596 7244 fax: (03) 0506 7844

332 Albert Street East Melbourne VIC 3002
Ph 9417 6654


Scott Brown Landscape Design

3 Ravenhill Rd Turramurra Sydney NSW 2074

PH: 0405418141

99 Fuller St Collaroy Plateau NSW 2097
Structural landscape contractors, garden designers specializing in tropical gardens, stonework , paving & retaining walls

PH: 0414605023

Suite 2/C 63 Johnston St, Annandale Sydney NSW 2038
Landscape Architects and Designers, specialise in Residential, Commercial, Playground and Healing gardens

phone: 0415764775

Instant potted gardens for Sydney inner-city dwellers. We offer a full range of indoor, balcony and courtyard garden design, plant supply and maintenance services.

mobile phone: 0412 172 557 fax: (02) 9558 4529

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