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Northern Territory

Landscape Ideas looks at custom courtyard design ideas for Darwin. In the unique climate and soil conditions you can look at a DIY solution, or call in the professionals.

Many of the classic courtyard designs that suit the cooler climates will not be the right fit for Darwin. With a distinct wet and dry season, humidity and the chance of extreme weather events even landscape design in Darwin is different to southern Australia.

Courtyard Design Ideas for Darwin

Although the space and dimensions might be similar, the structure and plants are unique. In darwin you can look at some of the tropical plants that will simply not grow in other areas.

The extremes of the climate require different building techniques and a quick and easy solution is not that easy.

One theme that seems to work well is the Balinese approach to courtyard design, it fits with the climate as well as the architecture.

The materials, design and general feel lead designers towards the idea of a dreamlike tropical paradise, the courtyard removes the heat of the walls of indoors yet still provides a private place to eat, relax and enjoy everything that the Norther Territory has to offer.

Some of the light timber constructions may be replaced by sturdier concrete and steel, however these can be softened by the use of pigments and textures that reflect the natural landscape.

SCOTT BROWN Landscape Design

This multi award-winning team undertakes all aspects of landscape/garden design, incorporating all elements of the outdoor environment such as Al Fresco dining, swimming pools and waterfeatures.



Scott Brown Landscape Design

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