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Courtyard design Melbourne.

Melbourne has traditionally been a city with its share of courtyards, both in older terrace houses as well as in newer developments.

Villa units of the 60s and 70s usually featured a small rear courtyard, many modern subdivisions also feature courtyards.

One of the skills landscapers bring is the ability to make a small area both functional and aesthetically pleasing

Design Ideas for Small Courtyards

Landscape designers can really make a courtyard design project come to life by innovative use of hard materials in a project, color texture and shapes all need to be selected to compliment the design of the house.

With new materials coming onto the market at a great rate, landscape designers have an increasingly broad range to choose from.

The art of matching materials is what makes a design come to life. Jim Fogarty of Jim Fogarty Design is renowned for clever use of materials including design for small courtyards.

When we visited Jim Fogartys own garden we were impressed by the selection of paving and wall materials.

One thing that makes Jims' work really stand out is the clever use of varied and interesting plants in a project.

Large textured foliage really added to the overall impact of the landscape design.

With councils requiring 35% penetrable surfaces, the use of open decking in the garden or courtyard instead of pavers provides a solution.

You can see more of Jim Fogartys' work at

Garden design and Landscape design, courtyard design and garden design in Victoria and Melbourne, ideas can be developed using landscape designers or landscape design software.

Free garden design ideas and landscape design ideas can be obtained from galleries of landscape design photographs as well as landscape design exhibitions.

In Victoria landscape designers are listed below. Go to our Gallery Pages for ideas on how to design a garden and landscape design ideas and photographs.

Courtyard Design specialists for Melbourne.

Garden Gallery specializing in artwork for the garden, fountains, statues and courtyard and landscape design.

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From modern courtyards to large country gardens, native, English & Mediterranean-style Designed by Jill Weatherhead, Grad. Dip. Hort., Grad. Cert. Landscape Architecture, based in Melbourne.

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All aspects of landscape / garden design, incorporating all elements of the outdoor environment such as Al Fresco dining, swimming pools and water features.


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