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Western Australia

If you are looking to redesign your courtyard and you live in Perth then a few practical tips can help you on your way.

Perth has a warm to hot climate, so outdoor living and functional courtyard spaces are an important part of landscape design.

It is easy to look at the myriad of Television programs that tell you 'how to build a new courtyard' on a budget. However a poorly planed or badly constructed courtyard can actually detract from the value of your home.

If you have the design skills and the building skills then maybe go ahead. Otherwise seek professional advice from a qualified landscape designer before spending big money.

Designing a Courtyard for Perth

Consider the design of the house, the climate, how you will use the courtyard and of course your budget.

  • Despite the tenancy to 'push trends', the DIY shows also promote some ideas that may just not fit in with your overall landscape and house design. A balinese styled courtyard may look great, however not if it is attached to a federation style house.
  • The climate and the soil will determine the plants. A lush tropical oasis may seem like a great idea for a courtyard, however consider the water required to keep it looking good.
  • If you are looking at an area to eat, then the design needs to be functional. Enough room for an outdoor setting. Lighting, and also consider an outdoor kitchen.
  • Budget is important, if you do not have enough money than consider a staged approach. Most landscapers can come up with a staged design that will allow you to have a useable space without breaking the budget. Or just keep it simple, some good paving and outdoor furniture, with some plants to add a touch of class.

SCOTT BROWN Landscape Design

This multi award-winning team undertakes all aspects of landscape/garden design, incorporating all elements of the outdoor environment such as Al Fresco dining, swimming pools and water features.

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Scott Brown Landscape Design

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