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Landscape Graphic Consultants

Garden design Mebourne and Landscape Design - Melbourne VIC


A well-presented plan can mean the difference between getting the landscaping job or losing it to one of your competitors.

But where do you start ?

Do you really want to spend $2-3,000 on decent software and 1-2 yrs of a high learning curve developing your own landscape design service.probably not.

Landscape Ideas

If you've worked in the gardening and landscape games for a while you have probably got a good idea of what you want to create in a garden.

But how do you get those ideas across to your client without a decent drawing ?

You could employ a designer - but what if you only need them for a design occasionally.

Best Option

The best option is to outsource the work to a professional team of Australian landscape graphics consultants.

They can take your mud-maps and photographs and develop easily read, high quality concept and planting plans ( 2D or 3D) .

And your clients will love that !

Cheswick Landscape Graphics
Specialising in landscape concept and planting designs.


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