Landscaping Perth WA. Landscape and Garden Design and landscaping ideas for Perth. Landscaping designers for Perth provide services including retaining walls, paving and garden construction. Landscape design is an important aspect of both commercial and residential realestate development. We provide , Landscaping Ideas, courtyard design, garden design, landscape pictures and photos, home landscape, backyard landscape, hardscape, retaining walls, garden edging, paving, stepping stones, fencing, outdoor lighting, pots and planter boxes, water features and fountains, ponds, pumps and liners, mulch, soil and gravel, irrigation. Landscape architects, garden designers, arborists, and contractors.
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Perth WA

Western Australia

SCOTT BROWN Landscape Design

This multi award-winning team undertakes all aspects of landscape/garden design, incorporating all elements of the outdoor environment such as Al Fresco dining, swimming pools and waterfeatures.

Suite 3, 112 A Martin street. Brighton VIC 3172
phone: (03) 9596 7244 fax: (03) 0506 7844

332 Albert Street East Melbourne VIC 3002
Ph 9417 6654


Scott Brown Landscape Design

Garden Design in Perth
Consider styles of Garden design suitable for Perth. Landscape design and garden design are very individual designs, although elements may be appropriated from existing designs space, budget, aspect, soil and building regulations all play a part in determining garden designs. Some styles or functions for gardens are listed below.

  • small or 'courtyard' garden
  • native garden design
  • formal or traditional design
  • contemporary landscaping
  • japanese garden design
  • edible or vegetable gardens
  • sustainable
  • mediteranean style

More Landscape Designers for Perth and WA

16 Curedale St Beaconsfield Perth Western Australia 6162
phone: 0405 303 824
Specialists in contemporary native garden design, green landscaping design, roof gardens, green walls, minimalist waterwise gardens using unusual and rare Western Australian native plants.



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