Paving ideas for patios, paths and courtyards. Paving, Paving Stones, pavers and decking are essential elements of landscape and outdoor design. Paving and decking materials include paving stones, timber, brick pavers, concrete pavers and stone pavers. Pavers for paths and patios or decking materials for timber decking are all evolving with new paving and decking materials becoming available. Landscape design, courtyard design and garden design all incorporate paving and decking materials as essential elements.

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Paving and Decking Ideas for patios, gardens, courtyards, paths and pools.



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Paving and Decking

Paving or Pavers - Design Ideas for the Australian Garden.

The choice for paving or pavers is huge, with new paving materials and paving stones being released on the market. Here are some of the paving material you may wish to consider in any landscape paving project.

Concrete Paving
Concrete paving is usually the cheapest, concrete paving can be painted, is tough and as it comes in regular sizes is easy to install

Stone Paving
Stone paving comes in many forms including Slate paving, Bluestone paving, Sandstone paving and Limestone paving, and is usually more expensive than alternatives. Some stone pavers are not regular shapes, which adds interest, but makes it a challenge to install.

Brick Paving

Brick paving may be either new or second hand again the regular shapes make it easy to install.

Paver Sealing Products
For information on paver sealing products

Paving Stone Idea set into lawn
Paving stones can be set into lawn



Paving need to be laid on a compacted base of fine crushed rock and then a layer of bedding sand.

Estimate the quantity of paving required.

Determine slope and drainage requirements

Excavate to appropriate depth allowing. The depth of the paver, base course of 75mm, bedding sand of 25mm For diveways pavers should be layed on a concrete base.

Spread the Fine crushed rock, level allowing for a slope for drainage and compact with a compacting machine.

Spread bedding sand, level again allowing for drainage. Consider a string grid to keep pavers inline.

Pavers should be taped gently into pace with a rubber mallet, use a spacer of some sort to keep speces even.

Spread and brush in a layer of bedding sand and then compact with a vibrating plate compactor.

Detailed instructions for laying paver are available from Austal Bricks and Boral

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