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Block Retaining Walls

One of the newest and easiest methods of building a retaining wall is by using the interlocking block system.

Available in different textures and colours these masonry blocks have are basically a dry stackable retaining wall which work by using a stable base and gravity.

The height of these walls differs between product and construction methods. Some are limited to around 1m in height, suitable for many garden projects. Other products are designed to reach 10m+ in height, however they need to designed by qualified engineers, receive council approval and and installed landscapers.

The biggest benefits are construction costs, these are reduced by eliminating the need for mortar, digging post holes and the speed of construction. Lower walls are also simple as DIY projects.

Being durable and virtually maintenance free they are along lasting method of retaining wall construction.


For most block walls the cost of supply and construction will be at around $300 - $500 per square m. This will depend on the type of block being used as well as the site. This is more expensive than hardwood sleepers, however much longer lasting.

Block Retaining WallSystems

Some block systems are permeable, water moves freely through the blocks, reducing stress. The way that block from different manufactures interlock all differ and need to be examined for suitability.


A few factors need to be considered when using block retaining walls.

  1. A solid compacted base is required even for low walls.
  2. You need to include the cost of capping when pricing the wall.
  3. Walls over set heights may require council planning permikssion, engineering certificates or other legal requirements
  4. Block systems vary greatly in cost depending on the finish and style of the block.
  5. These are a long lasting wall system, they may cost more in the short term, however they will last for many years.


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