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Concrete Block Retaining Wall Sydney

Retaining Walls for Sydney and NSW
Timber, concrete, block, wooden, sleeper, stone, rock and garden retaining walls for Sydney.



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Retaining Walls Design and Construction for Sydney and NSW

Timber retaining walls, stone retaining walls, dry stone walls, masonary retaining walls, brick and concrete retaining walls for NSW and Sydney. Retaining walls are used widely in landscaping in Sydney, hilly terrain and sloping waterfont properties require a range of retaining wall solutions and ideas. Retaining wall contractors can provide expert advice on material for walls and construction requirement.

Functional stabilising Retaining walls
Retaining wall that are required to physically restrain, stabilise or hold back earth, driveways or other landscape features may be many metres tall and will require council permits and engineering certificates in some cases.

Retaining walls for raised gardens
Simple yet functional low retaining walls for the garden in Sydney, designed to lift a garden bed slightly for aesthetic purposes

Drainage for retaining walls.
It is essential to consider drainage when constructing any retaining wall, build up of water behind a retaining wall can lead to collapse of the wall.

Materials for Retaining Walls

  • timber retaining walls
  • concrete retaining walls
  • block retaining walls
  • wooden retaining walls
  • sleeper retaining walls
  • stone retaining walls
  • rock retaining walls
  • gabion retaining walls

Choice or appropriate material will depend on a number of factors

  • design and aesthetic considerations
  • structural requirement
  • cost of material
  • ease of construction
Stone Retaining Wall
Stone Retaining Wall

Retaining Wall Contractors For Sydney and NSW

99 Fuller St Collaroy Plateau NSW 2097
Structural landscape contractors, garden designers specializing in tropical gardens, stonework , paving & retaining walls

PH: 0414605023

Landscaping decks, pergolas, retaining, walls, outdoor tiling, irragation, Free quotes Sydney Area
4 Jewel St Quakers Hill NSW 2763
phone: 0404612160

24 Racecourse Rd Penrith NSW 2750
Paving & retaining wall specialist and all aspects of
landscaping . Pavers , blocks & firewood sales. Other services include fencing , concreting & kerbing .
MOB: 0409353076 PH: 0409353076

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