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Retaining Walls

Retaining walls (retainer walls) are effective in creating landscaping features, maintaining or altering soil levels, creating flat areas on a sloping block and combating erosion.

Timber, concrete retaining walls, stone retaining walls, dry stone walls, masonary retaining walls, brick and concrete retaining walls, for SA and Adelaide.

Walls may be structural or decorative and may require a planning or building permit depending on location, height and other factors.

Smaller walls can be a DIY project, however council and safety regulations still apply.

Garden walls may be low wall constructed from stone or timber and if they are a low wall may require little effort to construct.drainage for retaining walls is essential, a build up of water behind a wall can cause structural damage and the potential of collapse.

A retaining wall can be simple or quite complicated. A low garden wall designed to retain a garden bed may require a straight forward construction. A higher wall expected to expected to hold back soil is a different story. So carefully evaluate:

  • the height of the wall.
  • the material (soil rock etc) that the retaining wall needs to restrain.
  • drainage requirements behind the wall.
  • any weight or traffic that will be applied above the wall or at the base of the wall.
  • council or engineering regulations relevant to your retaining walls construction.
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